ACT Genetics offers genetic counseling and test coordination for Huntington's Disease (HD) in the state of Idaho by a board certified, licensed genetic counselor. We follow a modified Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA) protocol that is personalized to take into account the range of needs for patients while also maintaining high standards. HD services include the following appointments:

  • Presymptomatic HD Initial Consultation (90 minutes of direct counseling, plus record review and documentation). This session includes medical record and family history analysis, education about HD symptoms and genetics, discussion of family and personal issues that arise in the testing process, potential risks and benefits of HD testing, and strategies for deciding whether genetic testing is right for you. This appointment is appropriate for anyone who is considering being tested for HD.  It is required before genetic testing can be ordered.  Available without a doctor’s referral. Cost $150

  • Genetic Test Coordination and Results Disclosure: This service is for individuals who have completed the Presymptomatic Genetic Counseling Session and have decided to pursue genetic testing for HD. Coordinating with you, your doctor, and the genetic testing laboratory, the genetic counselor will make sure the testing process goes smoothly for you and your family and that the results are provided to you in a time and manner that are comfortable for you. This service includes a pre-test appointment, test coordination, delivery of results, appropriate documentation, and up to two brief follow-up phone or video appointments in the 12 months after the results are given. A doctor’s referral is required to begin the test coordination process.  Please be aware the genetic testing is a separate cost not included in the appointment price. Insurance coverage is variable and will be discussed during the consultation. Cost $150

  • Huntington's Disease Education and Counseling Session (90 minutes of direct counseling, plus record review and documentation): Although there are a number of excellent free and low cost educational and support services for individuals and families dealing with HD, you may still prefer a private one-on-one appointment with someone familiar with HD. This session is tailored to meet your needs. Topics which you may wish to discuss include information about the symptoms and genetics of HD, discussion of family and relationship issues that arise in families affected by HD, developing strategies for talking to others, including children, about HD, and analysis of your family history. Available without a doctor’s referral. Cost $150

  • Follow-up appointments (30 min increments): After one of the above-listed appointments has been completed, follow-up appointments to address specific issues or new questions. Cost $50 per 30 minutes

At this time we are a direct patient billing service which allows us to eliminate administrative costs and pass those savings on to you. We are happy to provide you with information to send to your insurance company for reimbursement after services are rendered. Several insurers do reimburse for genetic counseling using the CPT 96040 code. We accept all major credit cards and HSA.  Payment is due at the time the appointment. We will provide a full refund for cancellations if made within 48 hours of the appointment. We also offer a payment sliding scale for individuals in need.  Please contact us for more information.